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Excel Protection Services

Excellence Served While Protecting

Providing Security, Investigation, and Protection in Arkansas

Excellence in security services means preventing incidents – or responding appropriately to unavoidable events.

Excel Protection Services is a licensed security and private investigation agency that offers our clients the utmost in investigation services and protection. Excel provides a wide array of customized security services for citizens, executives, celebrities, businesses, homes and communities throughout the Central Arkansas area.

Excel and its skilled professional security officers are thoroughly trained in Personal Security, Residential Security, Commercial Security Hotel Security, Event Security, Executive Protection, VIP Protection, Personal Protection, Escort Services, Security Consulting, Secure Transportation, Vehicle Patrols, Retail Security, Loss Screening, Attorney Services & Private Investigations.

Our Management team has many years of experience in security, law enforcement and private investigation — and, Excel’s security guards and investigators are fully licensed by the State of Arkansas. Excel’s insurance coverage exceeds the liability limits required.

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Business Security

Any business, large or small, deserves protection You worked hard to establish your business. Excel Protection Services works just as hard to safeguard your assets We provide the necessary capabilities for you to protect your inventory, machinery, and other property that is used to run your day-to-day operations

Retail Security

Protect your retail inventory from shrinking Our guards provide the services you need to protect your store or other facility from potential shoplifters and retail fraud. Whether patrolling the premises in a security vehicle or on foot, Excel Protection Services provides the protection you need to ensure loss prevention for your business.

Warehouse Security

Warehouses can be quite large, being harder to monitor with just cameras, alarms, and other security equipment. They often require more extensive security measures to protect the premises from within and on the outside Excel Protection Services incorporates some or all of its services to provide a broader form of protection for your warehouse and its contents.

Our Services Adjust to Your Specific Needs

Excel Protection Services takes care to assess each client’s security requirements, which varies for each industry, ensuring that our guards are matched appropriately to specific roles and responsibilities. Our Executive Management and owners make frequent, unannounced inspections of operations, in addition to the regular Supervisor inspections of each shift.

Customized Security Services & Solutions

Excel understands that corporate performance is lined to corporate leadership. Excel offers a range of customized services and solutions that can help you protect your people and assets more effectively and produce long term payoffs. They include:

Security Services

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training
  • Operational Downsizing or
  • Closing Protection
  • Strike and Riot Special Task Force
  • Secure Transport Services for Valuables
  • Apartment Complex Security
  • Car Lot Security
  • Plain Clothes Security
  • Witness Protection
  • Consulting
  • Patrol Services

Investigation Services

  • Financial Fraud Investigation
  • Worker’s Compensation Investigation
  • Insurance Fraud Investigation
  • Incident Investigation
  • Domestic Investigation
  • Workplace Investigation
  • Child Custody Investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Missing Persons
  • Background Checks
  • Process Serving

Excellence Served While Protecting